Immunizations and Vaccinations

National Immunization Awareness Month

Tuesday, August 01, 2017
August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) The goal of NIAM is to increase awareness about immunizations across the lifespan, from infants to the elderly. August is an ideal time to make sure everyone is up-to-date on vaccines before heading back to school and to plan ahead. Getting  ..

3 Things Parents Need to Know About Mumps

Thursday, January 26, 2017
1.) What is Mumps? Mumps is a viral infection that is spread by respiratory secretions (i.e., coughing, sneezing). It most commonly causes painful swelling of the salivary glands, low-grade fever, headache, and poor appetite. Complications of mumps can include swelling of the testicles, whic ..

Measles Vaccination in Infants and Children: What You Should Know

Thursday, March 19, 2015
The Pediatric Department at The Baton Rouge Clinic strongly believes in immunizing children based on the guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We believe that vaccines are not only safe, but are necessary in keeping your child healthy. With the recent Measles outbreak, it ..

Adult Immunizations: Are your shots up to date?

Friday, September 01, 2006
One of the tasks parents do in preparation for their children going back to school is to get their child’s vaccinations up to date. This also can serve as a reminder to make sure you are up to date with your own vaccinations. There are several vaccinations that are recommended for adults,  ..

Pediatric Immunizations: The vaccines and the diseases they protect against

Friday, August 01, 2003
A lot of parents come to routine wellness visits with questions or concerns about vaccines and their potential side effects. Understanding vaccines and the diseases they protect against, as well as the side effects of vaccines, is essential for all parents. Vaccines originated approxim ..