CODING-Quality Coding Analyst (RN)

Job Category: Coding
Full Time
Job Description: Registered Nurse with advanced knowledge of coding needed to review charts to identify specific clinical findings to support existing diagnose, or substantiate additional diagnosis in the medical record.
Positions Available: 1
Class: Full Time
Basic Skills Required:

Basic knowledge of acuity coding

Good communication and organizational skills

Specific skills required:

Advanced knowledge of medical terms, abbreviations, techniques, and surgical procedures; anatomy and physiology; major disease processes; pharmacology; and the quality metric system.

Extensive knowledge of official coding conventions and rules established by CMS.

Current RN license required

Current CPC or CCS certification required

Job Requirements:

Test Requirement: Not Applicable
Testing performed:
Hiring Requirements: Drug Testing
Background Checks
Baton Rouge Clinic Credit Check
Education Required: Associate/Bachelor in Nursing
Experience Required: 12 months
Unit of Pay: Hourly
Shift: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Additional benefits: Health Insurance
Retirement Plan
Sick Leave
20% discount for selected services rendered at clinic.


If you need further information, please contact the Human Resources Employment Coordinator at (225) 246-9308

Work Site Location:
7373 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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