Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Surgical weight loss is intended for those individuals who either have metabolic disorders with significant obesity or for those with morbid obesity who have attempted conservative weight loss measures and have failed to achieve their weight loss goals.

Our skilled Bariatric surgeons are post-residency trained in both robotic and laparoscopic surgical procedures as well as the gastric sleeve and the lap band procedures. 

Dr. Taylor Surgeon Dr. Froelich Surgeon Dr. Cook Surgeon
Jonathan P. Taylor, MD James A. Froelich, MD, FACS Thomas W. Cook, MD

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If you have more questions and need to speak to one of our team members, please call 225-246-9222 to contact the Baton Rouge Clinic Surgical Weight Loss program coordinator.

Services offered by our Bariatric Weight Loss staff:

Lap-band Gastric Banding System
Gastric Sleeve

A different kind of vitamin…

Options: Celebrate Bariatric Supplements provides options and lets you make the choice. There are three basic delivery systems available (way to take your vitamins).

Celebrate Bariatric Supplement

Formulation: Even among bariatric supplements, not all vitamins are created equal. Many products do not contain adequate levels of vitamins and minerals to properly support your nutritional needs following surgery. Celebrate Bariatric Supplements is the ONLY company to provide you with 4 delivery system options while maintaining consistent supplementation.

Taste: There is a variety of great tasting supplements for you to enjoy, including flavors from caramel and chocolate to cranberry-grape and lemon cream.

Price: Simply put, Celebrate Bariatric Supplements are the most economically priced bariatric supplements available.

Supplement Daily Path: Daily Path is a unique system that provides guidance on what products to take (and when to use them) following bariatric surgery. You may choose to follow your path exactly, or consult with your physician to change it to fit your needs. You may view your Daily Path here.