Physicians & Optometrist

At The Baton Rouge Clinic we are proud to work with many of the most respected physicians in the region who are proven experts in their fields of medicine. We expect nothing short of the best from our physicians, which is why we seek doctors who have excelled in their medical careers and demonstrate superior abilities. We believe that our patients deserve the best care possible – and this can only be achieved if our physicians are expert practitioners who practice the highest quality of medicine while also being devoted to compassionate care.

All Physicians

In keeping with our high standards of care, our primary care physicians in both pediatrics and internal medicine are all board certified. In addition, many of our doctors are recognized as Fellows in the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics – a distinction that recognizes physicians for excellence in medical care, continuing medical education and commitment to community. In that regard, we are also pleased to note that many of our physicians are actively involved in various community organizations including churches, synagogues, scouting, volunteer boards, the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic and many other worthy causes.

You can learn more about our medical practitioners and view their individual biographies through our physician & optometrist directory.

Our List of Physicians & Optometrist